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Our Liturgical Worship

The Orthodox Church has many services but the most commonly celebrated are Vigil and the Divine Liturgy. Our Vigil is served the evening prior to the Divine Liturgy and the Divine Liturgy is always celebrated in the morning. If it is your first time visiting an Orthodox parish perhaps the first things you would notice would be our acapella, unison chanting, use of incense, and iconography. Though the iconography may be beautiful, the chanting may be compelling and the incense may be pleasant to our senses, underneath these physical expressions of worship you will find the hidden and deep mystery of Christ's love revealed through His Church. Our prayers are rich in Scripture and embedded with the grace of the Holy Spirit. In all our services we supplicate our Lord to extend His mercy to the whole world and to those who seek Him. In the Divine Liturgy we call down the Holy Spirit to come and sanctify the Holy Mysteries of Christ, that is the Eucharist. The Orthodox Church is rooted firmly in love for Christ and our divine services are a reflection of this love and devotion. We maintain the ancient ways of worship delivered to us by the Apostles in obedience and faith in not only Christ but in Christ's faithfulness to His Church. We welcome you to come and participate in this life of heavenly worship! 

Parish Etiquette

Orthodox Christians in general are strangers to pews and sitting during our services. There are designated times that the faithful are given opportunities to sit, but in general, we stand as we are able in reverence and fear before the Lord. This is not a rule as it is so much a practice of piety, and those who are weak or infirmed are of course welcome to sit as needed. 

In keeping with the ancient and biblical custom, women are asked to veil their heads (1 Cor. 11:2-16.) If you do not have a head scarf you can find a basket of them available for use in the narthex of the parish. Likewise, men are encouraged to wear sleeves and long pants in respect of the house of God. 

Cell phones are asked to be silenced and though pictures are allowed, please no flash photography. 

Unnecessary talking should be kept to a minimum and reserved for outside of the services. 

These are some basic rules of piety that should be kept when entering into Heavenly worship.